We maintain a high commitment in the formulation of our products. Ensuring the highest quality standards.

Natural processes

The entire manufacturing process is subject to experts who ensure a final product free of chemical residues.


We obtain our main assets from natural raw materials of high quality and traceable, without losing the highest quality.


Collvital products are healthy and recommended as a complement to a balanced diet.

Exclusive sale in Pharmacies

You will only find Collvital products in pharmacies and authorized professional distributors.

Worldwide distribution

Currently you can find Collnatur products in more than 10 countries around the world.


We work to achieve the best quality

Collvital as a brand assumes the Commitment to health and wellbeing, premises that force us to implement in the development of our products maximum rigor and control from the selection of raw materials through the entire manufacturing process to the final product.

That is why all our food supplements have the seal of quality of MARNAC T.P.

Did you know... ?

Every day doctors and nutritionists advise more frequently the use of food supplements, based on collagens and symbiotics (probiotics and prebiotics) to counteract the effects of stress, poor eating habits and the abuse of antibiotics.

In Collvital we offer a wide range of products focused on each of the different pathologies that may be present at each stage of life.

A nutritional aid for each age and situation: over 40 years old, athletes, people undergoing transplant or aggressive treatments and those who wish to maintain the flexibility of their joints and the well-being of their bones.