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Monacoll, based on monacolin -K compound contained in red rice yeast. Substance that inhibits the synthesis of cholesterol, therefore helps maintain the optimal level of LDL cholesterol.



The monacolin -K of red yeast rice helps maintain normal cholesterol levels.
Food supplement based on yeast red rice and coenzyme Q10.

  1. Ingredients

    Levadura de arroz, (Monocolina 5%) 210mg, Coenzima Q10 40mg, Aceite de pescado microencapsolado 18:12 100mg, Vitamina C 40mg (50% V.R.N), Agente de carga: Celulosa microcristalina, Antiaglomerante: Estearato de magnesio y Dióxido de silicio.

    Cápsula: Agente de recubrimiento (Gelatina).

    Colorante: (dióxido de titanio E171, óxido de hierro rojo E172)

  2. Recommended daily allowance

    1 capsule a day.

  3. How to use

    Take one capsule a day.

    Presentation: 30 capsules of 590mg. Net weight: 15g.